U-BOLT for Truck & Trailer

RM NO.: UXLS1001

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Product Description

RM# Description Application RM# Description Application
UXLS1001 24×102×440mm 6 Wheel  Rear UXLS2001 20×92×260mm 111 Front
UXLS1002 24×102×460mm 6 Wheel  Rear UXLS2002 22×92×330mm Rear
UXLS1003 24×102×480mm 4 Wheel  Rear UXLS2003 22×92×260mm 113 Front
UXLS1004 24×102×520mm 4 Wheel  Rear UXLS2004 22×92×460mm
UXLS1005 24×102×560mm 4 Wheel  Rear UXLS2005 22×92×480mm
UXLS1006 24×102×650mm 4 Wheel  Rear UXLS2006 22×92×490mm 113 Rear
UXLS1007 20×92×320mm 4 Wheel  Front UXLS2007 22×92×500mm
UXLS1008 20×92×340mm 4 Wheel  Front UXLS2008 22×102×345mm
UXLS1009 20×92×360mm 4 Wheel  Front UXLS2009 22×102×360mm Sahal
UXLS1010 24×120×400mm UXLS2010 22×102×460mm
UXLS1011 24×160×450mm UXLS2011 22×102×480mm
UXLS1012 27×102×500mm 6 Wheel UXLS2012 22×102×500mm
UXLS1013 18×80×440mm 8 ton Rear wheel UXLS2013 24×102×420mm Rear
UXLS1014 18×72×280mm 8 ton Front wheel UXLS2014 24×102×300mm Sahal
VOLVO Series UXLS2015 24×105×326mm
UXLS3001 20×102×260mm Front UXLS2016 30×102×350mm Rear 6 Wheel
UXLS3002 24×92×350mm Rear UXLS2017 30×102×375mm Rear 6 Wheel
MAN Series BPW Series
UXLS4001 18×92×300mm Rear UXLS7001 24×157×470mm Trailer
UXLS4002 24×102×400mm Rear UXLS7002 24×160×480mm Trailer
UXLS4003 24×102×420mm UXLS7003 24×160×410mm Trailer
UXLS4004 27×102×550mm UXLS7004 24×170×450mm Trailer
ROR Series UXLS7005 36×260×660mm Trailer
UXLS5001 22×78×320mm Trailer UXLS7006 36×290×705mm 32ton Bogie big
UXLS5002 22×127×340mm Trailer UXLS7007 25×190×454mm 32ton Bogie small
HINO Series UXLS7008 36×236×636mm 24ton Bogie big
UXLS6001 18×82×225mm Front UXLS7009 24×157×454mm 24ton Bogie small
UXLS6002 27×92×360mm UXLS7010 36×284×685mm Rear
UXLS6003 27×92×400mm Rear


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